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Adding Artwork While Inspiring Your Home:

 Adding Artwork While Inspiring Your Home

Artwork is a great way to add interest to a room. With our expert advice on how and where to hang art, your home will feel like a gallery in no time. Our custom made canvas family tree artwork will add a personal touch to your walls, while lasting a lifetime in your home. Share your thoughts of Family & Love with Inspirational Artwork throughout the following rooms in your home.

      • Living Room Walls:
      • Family Room Walls:
      • Dining Room Walls:
      • Bedroom Walls:
      • Kitchen Area:
      • Den & Library Walls:
      • Entrance Way & Foyer Walls:
      • Office Walls:



Decorating Advice To Inspire Your Room's

Whether you’re creating an elaborate gallery wall, or picking a canvas for your next DIY project we've got you covered with a choice of designer colors & sizes to meet your needs.

      • Before you start, take some time to find the best Color fit for your home.
      • Our artists have designed color combinations that will accent your walls just like a decorator.
      • Below we’ve outlined seven popular canvas sizes for your home decor that are commonly used.
      • Please always double check your personalized info for this artwork when you fill out the form.
      • All Personalized letters will be the color as shown in the listing image.
      • If you have any questions just send us a message, we are glad to help!

Unique family tree wall decor gift for the familyThe Making of a Great Gift: 

  • The thought of giving a gift or present in the form of artwork is truly special and will always be remembered.
  • Our personalized custom made canvas family trees are proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Your choice will be noticed by others, when they see all the thought & effort that makes this product so unique.
  • When the reciever sees their personalized info custom made on this artwork you have touched their hearts forever.
How to select the perfect size for your roomChoosing Your Size Guide:

8 X 10 - Good for: Desks, Bookcases, Small Hallways

10 X 12 - Good for: Apartment Living Rooms, Bathrooms, Gallery Walls

11 X 14 / 12 X 16 - Good for: Living Room Collages, Dining Room Collages, Guest Bedrooms

16 X 20 / 20 X 24 - Good for: Offices, Family Rooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms

24 X 30 - Good for: Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Dining Rooms, Offices


All of our canvases are wrapped & hand-stretched to perfection.All of our canvases have UVB protection built in to protect against fading and moisture and are designed to last for over 100 years.


Our canvases are back-stapled only for a classic gallery look, even though this process takes more canvas and more time than the canvases that are stapled to the sides that you often see. We takes great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products and will always avoid shortcuts that will sacrifice the quality.

4 Steps to Decorate Your Perfect Nursery

1) Pick your theme

Think about what theme you want in the baby nursery.  There are so many cute ideas from princess nurseries, jungle, sports, ballerina, nautical and more. If you want to stay away from those kinds of themes, maybe you can think of a theme color you want to see in the room, or maybe something inspirational whether it be a cute pillow, pattern, or toy. Also think of how you want your nursery to look.  Do you want to see something more modern, or maybe chic and classy, or do you want to have something traditional or gender neutral to use for all of your children to come? It's up to you, decide which direction and go to step 2. (If you don't have your nursery furniture picked out, this would be the time to choose)

2) Pick your crib bedding

Next, you'll want to pick the crib bedding for your little one. Keep in mind the theme you chose for step 2, it doesn't mean you necessarily need to match the exact color or if you chose a theme like sports, you don't need to have the bed sheets, bumpers, pillows etc have sports all over. Ultimately, safety, comfort and durability are the most essential steps one needs to consider before buying crib bedding. However, based on personal preference, choosing a perfect nursery theme which will fit your personal taste is very important.

3) Pick your colors

Especially after you find your cute nursery bedding, you will be able to develop more sense of the direction you want to go with designing your nursery.  I would pull the main colors from the bedding (since you picked that out and loved it) and create at least 2-4 colors you should carry throughout the room.  

4) Have fun with accessories

With your theme bedding and colors in mind, find some cute accessories to put on your walls. You can find cute canvas art, wall letters, personalized nursery decor, and many more custom items on our website ! If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, we can create any custom nursery decors of your choice. For custom quotes contact us, or call 954-441-2292 .